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    Webinar on the Virtual Programming Lab, 7 February 2024

    In the next and the final webinar in our series of workshops on All about conducting on-line testing with Moodle, we will introduce you to another popular add-on to Moodle, the Virtual Programming Lab, and its companion question type, the VPL question. The instructor is Astor Bizard of the Universite Grenoble Alpes, France, who is the developer of the VPL question.

    The course is only for the staff of all institutions under the UGC UGC and the affiliated institutions of LEARN. There is no registration fee.

    Registration: Those who already have accounts on this site just have to visit the course page and accept the self-registration. Course will be opened on Friday 2 February. Those who don't have an account yet may create a new account with your official e-mail account. The applications are processed manually. Please have patience.

    Webinar on Setting programming questions in Moodle with CodeRunner, 13 December 2023

    The CodeRunner is an Open Source question type for Moodle, which is capable of auto-correcting program code in all the popular programming languages. Its inventor, Dr Richard Lobb of University of Canterburry, New Zealand personally conducts this webinar. It also has a preparatory part to be done before the session and an optional workshop for homework with instructor guidance.

    Webinar on the Science and engineering question type Formulas for the Moodle LMS, 29 November 2023

    The lead-maintainer of the Formulas question type, Prof. Dominique Bauer of at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal, the engineering faculty of the University of Quebec Montreal, Canada, conducted this webinar. It is now available as a self-learn course for the registered users of the site.

    Talk: How can computer-marked quizzes help students learn? 15 November 2023

    A presentation by Tim Hunt of the Open University, UK and the lead developer of Moodle quiz system as part of our series of workshops on All about conducting on-line tests with Moodle, 15 November 2023 (21 min)


    1. As teachers, we cannot do the student's learning for them. All we can do is to provide scaffolding and feedback to help them. Online quizzes let you do both.

    2. I want to talk about the two fundamentally different types of online questions: Selected response questions - like multiple choice - the student need only recognise the right answer in the possibilities given. Constructed response questions - like short-answer or formulas - the student must work out the answer without hints, but are harder to mark.

    3. Different ways to use questions, like exams or practice. I think you covered this in a previous session, but I want to say it again. In this section, I will probably demonstrate our embedded question plugins. I will probably also highlight interactive with multiple tries behaviour.

    4. Finally, I will talk a bit about academic integrity - which will start to move in the direction of what you will cover.

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An own VPL Jail System for the UGC/LEARN institutions

by Admin User -

Dear all

Now we have our own VPL Jail System running. Those institutions under the UGC and the LEARN partner institutions may use them with the Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) assignments. The administrators of those sites may apply for access by messaging the Site administrator.

For the technical details behind this Moodle plug-in visit the course Webinar and workshop: The Virtual Programming Lab, now open for registered users for self-learning.

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